General Health

Traditional Chinese medicine is a holistic medical system that works with your body to resolve imbalance and disease. Like any medicine, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine shine in some areas more than others. At Clarity Point Healthcare, we focus on relieving pain, improving digestion, alleviating depression/reducing stress + anxiety and we specialize in... 

Women's HealtH

It's lovely to be a woman but womanhood can sometimes present challenges. Chances are you were referred to us for help with some of these issues.  We specialize in menstrual disorders, hormone imbalances and all stages of conception to pregnancy and everything in between.  


When + Where?

Mondays, Tuesdays + Thursdays @ 139 Fulton Street, Suite 1012 in the Financial District.

How often?  

Great question but a difficult one to answer without knowing why you might be seeking treatment.  Acupuncture is much like exercise in that it has a cumulative effect. After one time back at the gym, you may feel better but most likely it is after a few weeks you begin to see a lasting change.  Herbal medicine is much like nutritious food in that if taken every day, you will begin to feel and see the effects in the first few weeks.  Quick fixes often do not last. True healing takes some time.  


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Leave some info (that we never share) and we will respond asap.